Essay about Customer Loyalty And Marketing Strategy

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Influence of Customer Loyalty to Marketing Strategy

When there is a business, there is a customer. To keep it running, there must be a healthy relationship between the business and its customers. Customer is the one that gives life to a business and they are the one who will determine every business’ success. As time pass by, many businesses have arisen either big or small in response to the changing needs and demands of customer. Population growth are increasing and calls for additional number of products and services to be produced and offered. Different methods of selling have risen and different system of purchasing has been introduced in the market. It is now a challenge to every businesses how to attract customer and foster trust that would act towards repeat purchase thus winning their loyalty. Having customer loyalty means ensuring a steady growth of business. “The main goal of earning customer loyalty is to increase sales revenues by having more number of purchase and raising usage levels. Moreover, it is to create a closer bond between the brand and current customers that would maintain the current customer base. The popularity of these programs is based on the argument that profits can be increased significantly by achieving either of these aims.” (Uncles et al. 2003). Customer loyalty is a behaviour of anyone who made a purchase or bought a service and has been satisfied so far with the result and decided to incorporate it to their daily life and continually…

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