Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf Case Study

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Maintain and Increase Customer Satisfaction Level
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s goal is to maximize customer satisfaction, which is done mainly through their high quality products and service maintained worldwide. In order to record customer satisfaction, a particular index is established to bring the collective feedback from all stores located worldwide. This index is key to bringing improvements to their product line and in-store services throughout their various branches located all over the world. It isn’t uncommon to receive complaints from customers - the managers should recognize any dissatisfaction associated within the stores, and take immediate corrective action to keep their patrons satisfied. As a performance indicator, the complaints indicate areas with room for improvement. On a similar note, looking at customer loyalty, a loyalty index can show regular purchasing trends and return purchases by the same customers, which can serve as a performance indicator showing various strengths and weaknesses of the franchises and will indicate how they gain loyal customers.
Increase Customer Relationships
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A strong relationship with the customers is sure to create loyal customers, and it is most definitely easier to keep loyal customers than to acquire new customers. The number of customers Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf serve annually is a performance indicator that shows the progress of the company as a whole. Two ways by which this figure could be improved is by opening new stores, or by improving relationships with customers through the media and online. On a similar note, as a performance indicator, customer retention and acquisition shows the effectiveness of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s efforts in marketing and

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