Curriculum Innovation Proposal For Collaborative Learning Essay

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Curriculum innovation proposal
I have chosen to focus my curriculum innovation project on the topic of collaborative learning. My incentive to do so came from a pupils comment during a lesson that I taught at a school while I was volunteering. The pupil shared with me the belief that he could not do his work because he cannot think about everything he had to write about by himself. He stated that he felt overwhelmed by the activity presented to him. Whilst I chose to support his learning by questioning, motivating and encouraging him, it provoked me to consider whether allowing the pupil to work with other pupils would help or, in the long term, hinder his learning by preventing him to work independently. Since the paradigm of collaborative learning is vast in explorative content, I plan to remain very concise and structured in my presentation of the topic. I will discuss impacts and limitations, contributing factors and ways of implementing collaborative learning opportunities, focusing particularly on year two mathematics sessions.
I am interested in the benefits and limitations attributed to the multiple dimensions of learning, particularly the potential for pupils to acquire knowledge and skills from one another. Much academia explores whether pupils can work together to gain an understanding of education beyond what teacher-led direct instruction alone can provide, yet it has been recognised that some teachers remain unconvinced about the benefits of collaborative…

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