Curly Hair Process

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Put down the flat iron and texture changer and go natural. What is more unsatisfying than seeing strands of curly hair with straight ends? The straight strands are damaged hair, it is an unhealthy look. Becoming natural will give more versatility. It allows an awareness of self-pride. Being aware of who you are builds your self- confidence, having self-confidence lets you in on your roots, and once you have an understanding on your roots you will be able to take care of your natural hair. Changing products, avoiding heat, and giving up on the chemicals the steps of a transition to change an unhealthy look to something healthy is a few simple steps, you may go through something they call the “ugly stage”, but that’s when the protective styles come in handy. There are four different types of hair textures, kinky, curly, wavy, and straight. As a result, to the different hair texture there will be products for each texture. According to black naps Shea Moisture is the best natural products because it does not contain sulfate. Sulfate is a salt that is used in many ways in this case it is used to strip the natural oils from your hair and keeps it dry. To keep …show more content…
Damaged hair gives you two options: cut your hair, or revert. Cutting the damaged parts can be emotional. Instead of going though that process, just skip the step, and avoid heat damage. According to natural hair rules there are three rules that should be followed to avoid damaging your hair. “Prepare your hair for heat styling by moisturizing & deep conditioning. Moisturizing and deep conditioning will strengthen your natural hair” (5 ways to avoid heat damage). Moisturizing and heat protection plays a huge part in staying away from heat damage. If you would like to flat iron hair, then it would be wise to keep a low temperature in the hair tool or go to a professional that will know the best tool to use for your

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