Culture Of Violence Theory: The Four Theories Of Domestic Violence

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I found four theories and theorists that I believe is best-suited for domestic violence. The first theory is Culture of Violence Theory. It was established by Marvin Wolfgang. This theory concludes that sub-groups in a society will establish values and norms that justify and stress the use of physical force to a higher level than what has been welcomed in the past. This theory has also created the theories that examples of pornography and violent images on TV can carry on a "culture of violence" towards women.
The second theory is Ecological Theory. It was established by Urie Bronfenbrenner. This theory aims to connect violence in the family to the broader social environment. This includes the informal and formal social interactions of the family, the culture, the family history, and the circumstances and the closer family setting.
The third theory
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My program called (LYFE) Love Yourself First Every day is based in Shelby County, Tennessee, which is the home to Memphis and is the largest county in the state. It also has the highest number of child abuse reports, domestic violence assaults and homicides in the state, and domestic violence reports. According to the Memphis Police Department (2012) data, they received 850+ domestic violence reports every month. And those are just the incidents that were reported. Children were in the home over 80% of these incidents (The Exchange Club Family Center).
A program that I found existing in Murfreesboro, TN is “DVP: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program” (DVPShelter). One problem that I see is that there is a lack of services that they offer. This type of program should provide many more services. Another problem I see is that they do not have enough information on their website. Their website should have more information that is accessible at the person browsing

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