Cultural Observation Essay

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Cultural Observation Project 1

Date: September 10, 2012

Youth 201-Section # B06
I walked into River Crossing Mall to observe the youth of today. As I entered the mall, my first thought was that watching young people surely could not generate an entire four-page report. You see, I have never taken an interest in watching people that I did not have any direct contact with. I took the escalator down to the first level and I ordered some Chinese food and a diet coke. I found an empty table and proceeded to let the observation begin. Much to my surprise, I began to pay close attention to a group of very young white kids at a table about three rows up from where I was sitting. The first thing I noticed about them is
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She is trying hard to act as though it is not bothering her to have two young kids all alone but it is apparent that she has gotten herself into something much more then what she bargained for. I feel a deep sadness for her as I watch her struggle to keep up with the kids and I am sure she is no more them seventeen. Matthew 19:14 says to suffer the little children, and forbid them not to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. The world leaves no stone unturned to promote any and all of its sinful messages to deceive, manipulate, and control our youth. As a Christian, it is vitally important to promote Christ to our youth. They need to be taught about salvation and how much the Lord loves them. Many people go through their life each day and do not know that God loves them and what it is to have an intimate relationship with Him. As a witness for Christ, I should have been bold enough to approach some, if not all, of the kids that I could were truly hurting. I could see there was a need and should have been all to willing to put forth the effort to get God’s message out to the youth. Satan is very seductive and not afraid to go after what he wants by any means necessary. A worker for Christ should be equally as persistent about telling about the goodness of the Lord. I have numerous personal testimonies that I am sure would have helped some of the kids I encountered on both occasions. So, then, why was I afraid to approach

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