Essay Cultural Diversity : The Organization And The Society

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Question 1: Why is encouraging “cultural diversity” so important in organizations? Explain the main advantages for the individual, the organization and the society in general

Introduction: Before we begin to talk about the reason “cultural diversity” encouraged in organizations so important. We need first know what cultural diversity is. According to the book named “cultural diversity versus economic solidarity” (Parijs, 2004), it mentioned that the very notion of cultural diversity is far from unproblematic. So that we need to think about culture and diversity separately. According to Distelhorst (2007) stated that culture is much more than the color of one’s skin and can include: nationality, ethnicity, geographic area, gender, socioeconomic class, education level, religion, age and/or generation, physical ability, industry type, organizational, and even departmental and/or professional differences. Basically diversity means variety, and the benefits of having diversity within corporations can include increased productivity and profitability, cultural awareness, greater equity, less segregation and stereotyping, decreased litigation and harassment complaints, improved employee engagement, and personal effectiveness.

Main body: Based on the definitions, culture diversity can create an organization which offer competition by the differences it brings to the group. Culture diversity not only provides advantages to the persons, but also gives organization and the…

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