Cultural Diversity And Cultural Awareness Essay

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Potential antecedents of Leininger’s Culture Care Theory include cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural sensitivity, and cultural skills. According to the NCCC (n.d) cultural awareness is the foundation of cultural competence and is defined as being observant and conscious of the similarities and differences among cultures. Cultural sensitivity starts with self-awareness (Rew, 2014). It also includes being aware of cultural similarities and differences and their effect on values, learning, and behaviors. Cultural skills are the necessary tools needed to gather relevant data from patients’ regarding their cultural needs and beliefs (Campinha-Bacote,, 2011). To conduct an effective cultural assessment the nurse need to utilized cultural care negation or accommodation.
Literature Related to Leininger’s Theory According to a recent article by Ruschel et al. (2012), Leininger’s Culture Care Theory plays a significant role in home nursing. The authors indicated that home care nurses have the ability to reinforce self-care in the home environment related to diet, medication regimens, and level of activities. For nurses to accomplish their job in home nursing, nurses need to consider the values and beliefs of the patient and those who are actively involved in the patient care. Ruschel et al. (2012) used the Sunrise Model to illustrate the use of preservation, accommodation, and remodeling in heart failure patients within home nursing. The authors indicated that…

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