Cultural Differences Between Egypt And The Uk Essays

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1.0 Introduction
Cultural differences influence an organisation’s ability to penetrate a foreign market. As Ahistrom and Bruton (2009) note comprehending culture is vital to understanding the differences in business globally (p. 36). Various cultures have different management, communication, and negotiation styles that are influenced by societal values and norms. Therefore, companies that penetrate a new market have culture to contemplate besides a country’s legal structure, economic position, and competitors. Consequently, some multinational companies will employ different strategies such as diversification, product development, franchise, or mergers in order to penetrate foreign markets with distinct cultures. This paper examines the cultural differences between Egypt and the UK that make possibility of Sainsbury’s, a UK international supermarket, to successfully operate in Egypt. This will be done using various concepts and theories that underpin entry strategies for international companies.
2.0 Cultural Differences between UK and Egypt
The UK and Egypt have two definite cultures when observed through various dimensions. The cultural difference between Egypt and the UK were done using the Geert Hofstede, a tool which compares the differences in national and organisational culture. The tool uses five dimensions to compare the cultural differences, namely, power distance, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, long-term orientation, and indulgence, which influence a…

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