Cultural Description Essay

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Albert Mitchell
11 Jul. 2012

Cultural Description
How do religion and spirituality differ? What is the worldview of God an does he actually exists. There has been debate over the existence of God since time began. Many have tried to prove of his existence mostly to no avail but some though with greater success, has convinced many to believe in a higher power. Was all this for no reason? Philosophers from the past have provided many answers to proving something so large scale as the existence of a greater power. There work is undone and so the debate continues. Religion to me is a community that relies on members in search of an undeniable indemnity. A religious group is one that expresses and primarily share a common belief or
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To think all answers have been met is unreasonable, I would argue that it is better not to prove there is a specific God, religion or a spiritual essence relayed in spirituality. Instead imagine a world without it. Spirituality to me is a search for guidance in life; it has to be me more flexible than a religion. Religion is the polar opposite to spirituality; it is a belief in an absolute. Furthermore nothing has been more divisive to cultures around the world than religion. Religion is the one thing that is common amongst most cultures almost all has some belief in a higher power. I feel it is not necessary to compare the differences amongst the practice of religion across cultures instead focus on the issues of how the concept of God has lasted throughout time.
A spiritual mind is one that is answering the ultimate question of what is god and does he have role in my life. Religion is theory that made it to paper with enough backing by theologians and scholars that allows it to gain respect in most cultures and societies throughout the world. The flaw I always found with a

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