Ctu History 101 Ip3 Essay

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Modern American History: 1950 to the 21st Century (HIST101)

Colorado Technical University

For this project I am going to discuss two different articles about President Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal. The first article is “The Washington Post Editorial Watergate: The unfinished business.” The other article that I will be discussing and comparing is one written by Dean Burch. “In Defense of Richard Nixon.” I will provide a brief summary of the two arguments as well as describe how the Watergate events changed American views in politics and politicians. I will also speculate how the events could have been different if the media and population during the Watergate scandal had today’s technology, an example being smart phones,
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I think that the events changed the press coverage of politicians at that time. Bashing the politician in the news and papers is one of the ways press coverage changed, it can be based on one act that the individual did, and either right or wrong it was reported negatively. Also with the report the other negative things that the individual did will also be brought to light again.

If the press back in 1974 had the technology and social media we do today in 2016, I feel that the coverage of this scandal would have played out completely different. First off the people of the country would have known immediately what was going on, and their opinions would have been voiced instantaneously. One key fact that would be different is that there would have been a lot more surveillance of the Watergate building; one other factor is the “Rose Mary Stretch” may have not erased part of the Watergate tapes. So not only will the press coverage be different, but if were talking about 2016 technology in the hands of the people in the 1970’s this is also something to look at. What was on those tapes may or may not have been a key piece of evidence. I feel that the story would have not lasted as long as history shows, simply due to the fact that with today’s technology, advancements in investigative technology

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