Csr in Apple Inc. Essay

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Csr in Apple Inc.
Table of Contents
1 Executive Summary
2 CSR Background
2.1 Definition of CSR
2.2 Evolution of CSR
2.3 Emergence of CSR
3 Literature Review
3.1 Carroll's CSR Pyramid
3.2 Purpose of the firm and how that shapes views on CSR
3.3 Arguments for and against CSR
3.3.1 Arguments Against
3.3.2 Arguments For
3.3.3 Summary of the key debates
4 Methodology
5 CSR at Apple Inc.
5.1 Apple's profile
5.2 Reasons to engage in CSR
5.3 CSR policies at Apple Inc.
5.4 Type of CSR approach taken by Apple Inc.
5.5 Key dilemmas within CSR challenges
5.5.1. Labour and human rights
5.5.2. Workers’ health and safety
5.6 CSR tactics at Apple Inc.
6 Conclusion
7 References
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1 Executive Summary
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The third is social approach, which operated by public consent to “serve constructively the needs of society” (CED 1971).
3.3 Arguments for and against CSR
3.3.1 Arguments Against
Friedman (1970) held that management has one responsibility and that is to maximize the profits of its shareholders. He placed three arguments. The first argument was that "Only human beings have a moral responsibility for their actions." He claimed that only human beings can be morally responsible for their actions, corporations are not human beings, therefore cannot be morally responsible for their actions. Since corporations are set up by human beings, it is them who can assume responsibilities for the actions of the corporations. His second argument was that it is the manager’s responsibility to act solely in the interests of shareholders. Here the interests of the shareholders should be profit making. If the manager acts for any other purpose, he is betraying his employer. His third argument was that corporate had no need to deal with social issues since it's the job of governments.
A second objection to CSR was that it diluted

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