Cross Boundary Practice And Imagination Essay

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On Thursday, Nov. 17th, I attended the speech whose topic is Cross-Boundary Practice and Imagination in Contemporary East-West Artistic Creation, which is given by Leah Lihua Wong, a famous artist who has received several arts award in Ohio.
Leah L. Wong was born in Qingdao, China. In her day, which is around 60s in China, there was no electronic products like we have today. However, she still has some hobbies such as collecting candy wrappers, cutting paper, and reading line drawings. She also liked the hero and heroines’ figures from the posters. Those figures also showed in her first painting, which was created at age 13, and exhibited in a children artwork exhibition.
After Leah grown up, she insisted to go to art school, even though her parents did not agree. To enter the art school, she needed to go through a tough exam. First of all, she need to submit 10 to 12 original artworks for interview. After she passed the interview, she would get an exam admission ticket and she need to go to an assigned location to take a 4-day exam. For her 10 to 12 original artworks, she drew objects such as sculptures, human figures, environments and animals. All these objects come from real life, but not other pictures. She also shared an interesting story with us, which happened when she tried to draw the animals. She missed the open time of the zoo and she had to climb into the zoo, however, she dropped herself and was found by the zoo manager. Although the exam was tough, she still…

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