Crm at Dell Essay

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Dell’s CRM effort
The computer industry encompasses computer software, computer hardware, as well as the production of computer components, assembly, logistics distribution, sales, marketing, and the provision of information technology services. Dell is in the business of manufacturing computers and servers. Its competitors are Hewlett Packard/Compaq, IBM, Apple and Gateway.

The new trend in the computer industry is to become a virtual corporation and Dell is leading the way. According to Dedrick and Kraemer (2006), “Dell is aiming to combine the cost advantages of horizontal specialization with close coordination of vertical integration.” In the early 1990’s, Dell shifted gears and tried to distribute its products
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There are three types of software that facilitate Dell’s CRM: marketing automation software; custom designed Web pages containing purchase data; and a system that benefits the sales, marketing, financial and management segments of Dell.

Before Dell’s concept of building made-to-order computers, people went to an electronic or retail store to buy computers. There was no interaction with the manufacturer, only with the salesperson of that particular store. These salespeople were not as knowledgeable about the product since they were not involved in building the computers. Dell pioneered the concept of interacting with the customer by phone or by way of the Internet to custom-build a computer specific to that customer’s needs and delivering that computer in a very timely matter. Dell created a supply chain management (SCM) system that ensured that the right computer parts were always available when and where needed.

A second type of software that Dell uses is a transparent online system called “Delta Siebel,” which are custom-designed Web pages containing purchase data. This system also has a paperless ordering process, with the customer’s existing technology configurations already captured. Dell states that the idea behind Premier Pages was to “gain less information about customers – they already know about them – This was introduced specially in call centres for both customer

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