Crm : A Competitive Tool For Indian Banking Sector An Analysis

997 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Mrs.Sweta Leena Hota, Research Scholar Utkal University

Banking today has changed from pure banking to need based banking and focuses on customer satisfaction, as the success of every organisation depends upon satisfied customers. Customer acquisition has been overtaken by customer retention as customer satisfaction has become the key element for revenue generation for every bank. 21st century has brought about a revolution through innovation and completion has emerged as the mantra for success and Customer Relationship Management has become predestined for survival and growth of banks. CRM is gaining prominence with every kind of organisation and covers in its foray people, process and technology. Organizations have concluded that competition can be faced by focusing on creating, satisfy and retaining customer through best services in order to win them. Thus, CRM is emerging as a powerful tool that empowers banks to expand their customer base through customer satisfaction and thus enhancing customer loyalty. This paper aims at studying the implementation of CRM in particular bank and its impact on its customer base and customer satisfaction.

Key words: CRM, Banking, Customer Satisfaction

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In the present competitive scenario the core of banking has changed from only banking to need based banking. Customer satisfaction has become the…

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