Critical Review On The Hebrew Bible Essay

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CRITICAL REVIEW OF BRETTLER TEXT 2 How To Read The Jewish Bible, authored by Biblical scholar, and professor, Marc Zvi Brettler, is an enlightening text, guiding people towards studying the Hebrew Scriptures purposefully. Brettler (2005) reveals his book provides a response to the frustration many readers hold towards the Hebrew Bible, with the conventional tendency of filtering it through the lens of present-day culture. Generally, he argues, as a result, this leads one to misconstrue passages or arrive at the definitive conclusion the Bible holds no relevant value within our contemporary era and therefore, should collect dust.
Designedly providing a neutral approach, Brettler aids readers of all backgrounds in finding a deeper significance and meaning within the Jewish Scriptures. Whatever religious affiliation, or lack thereof, a person may hold, this book will challenge the reader to strip away preconceived notions of the Hebrew Bible, and rather study it through learned insight and understanding of the Ancient Near Eastern World culture. By reading Jewish Scriptures with an aspiration of understanding what they meant to the world they addressed, Brettler presupposes one will discover wisdom and value throughout. To attain this, Brettler advocates for applying a scholarly practice termed the historical-critical method, a specific procedure used to study a text in relation to its ancient context and origin. In fact, Brettler (2005) self-promotes this…

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