Business Perspective Reflection

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1. Business perception

This paper attempts to give a critical reflection on my learning experience within GB500 subject Business Perspectives and also shows the interdependence of the business theories with the studying towards a future status of effective professional manager in successful entrepreneurship. It is based on multidimensional concept (Bula, 2012a). Before undertaking the subject I had an experience with business environment through my previous studies and work experience but as my learning experience progressed throughout this subject I realised how limited my experience was. I perceived the business only as a unit for creating the profit within the world of economics. However I started to realise the other
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In order to develop it is necessary to see myself as a competitive product with certain features such as benefits, assets and liabilities which need to be improved every so often in order to differentiate from others. The business perspectives subject has led me to think about my future improvement to make myself more valuable as I progress through my career. It has given be an opportunity to look reflectively on my present career stance and possible future progression. As a result of this approach I will create a personal development plan which is based on the principles of business company and uses the analysing tools such as SWOT especially the weaknesses and opportunities as the areas in which I need to improve (Pyle 2010). The second step of my development proposal will be the improvement through treating everything and everybody as a learning opportunity. I can learn from everyone I encounter as the person has something that can teach me and if something needs improving the best way is to write it down and reflect on it. Once I ingrain the skill of codifying my learning by journaling it, it will help me to find the best solution how to act in future situations, especially within the business for example noting the advantages and disadvantages of business activities, observations from business meetings. By capturing the important insights and retrospective critical reflection this will help me to be more effective in the future. More over the every page of such journal should start with this closing phrase expressed by a business philosopher Jim Rohn who

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