Essay about Critical Analysis

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Business 313 Loss Prevention
January 26, 2013
Jay Odum Critical Analysis Paper
Problem: Your employer is violating environmental laws. You know that if the government learns of the violations, your company will be unable to survive financially criminal and civil action and pollution controls. You will certainly lose your job. What do you do? Should you inform the authorities and risk losing your job or stay quiet? This can be a difficult situation and can put the employee in an awkward position. Your first instinct is to keep quiet, especially if you like your employer and your job. You need your job, everyone needs their jobs. On the other hand, if the violation is something serious and criminal, then yes, you are
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Be sure your report includes any proof of the violation, clear and concise statements, and documentation.
The next step is to follow the proper chain of command in reporting your concerns. Every company has policies in place to comply with federal and state laws regarding violations at work (Emisar, 2011). When policies are broken there is a protocol system to address these concerns. These policies and procedures would be included in your employee handbook. It is always best to contact your employer first if you see a problem (What are my rights under OSHA, 2013). You should address your direct supervisor with any work-related concerns (Renee, 2013). Your supervisor is responsible for his employees and each individual is accountable to their direct superior. If your efforts are futile, you can contact the department head and work your way to upper management and corporate headquarters until you get results.
After reporting the violation to your supervisor the incident can be self-reported to the Environmental Protection Agency. Discovering an environmental violation does not necessarily mean the company will have to be shut down. The company may have options after the disclosure is made to the EPA. The EPA Audit Policy was established for this reason. The EPA Audit Policy, formally known as Incentives for Self-Policing: Discovery, Disclosure, Correction and Prevention of Violations, was established to

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