Essay on Critical Analysis On Critical Thinking

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1. Being Critical (Page: 213)

Critical thinking is a way of thinking that does not need any form of education to do so. Critical thinking includes theory, reflection, and action based on the first two. Critical theory gives us a foundation for our critical thinking. It is our beliefs and values that our thoughts stem from. When we reflect we are taking our thoughts and beliefs and critiquing them in order to make them remain the same or change them based on when we know and what we have learned. Once we have critiqued our thoughts, beliefs, values, and opinions we take action upon them. Taking action is something we do to justify our beliefs and consider who is being affected by them. On a daily an individual is thinking critically whether they are at school, work, home, while shopping etc.
2. Critical Theory (Page: 214)

Critical theory is looked at as the process of thinking that is owned by a dominate group of individuals who create what we are made to believe is the truth and the right way of thinking. This way of thinking has been looked at as a way of creating unequal powers based on race, class, gender, age etc. Moreover, due to this thought process that has been embedded in our minds and the continuous action based on this thought process, these unequal ways of living continue to appear as a normal way of life. Critical theorist challenge these thoughts and what we accept as the truth, even if it isn 't. Their goal is to reveal the “truths” of what we have…

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