Crew Carwash Case Study

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For Crew Carwash I have identified three main issues that is going to harm the company in the near future or is currently harming them. These three issues consist of maintenance training, speed of service being a bigger focus than quality, and technology utilization. There are multiple ways Crew can approach these issues to try and overcome their short comings in these areas and lead the company towards the future to help them reach their vision of being the service industry leader.
Maintenance training is one of the issues that has plagued Crew the last 2 to 3 years and if something is not done, it will continue to hurt them. The main issue is that the managers that have been going through the ranks the last few years have not received the
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Though this is completely brand new technology to Crew the results from other carwashes in the industry has shown that this is a very effective way to adjust conveyor speed. This is based off of numbers and volumes not human emotion. There will be a backup way to adjust the speed manually in case it is needed or the controller messes up but this is done my managers only and would be discouraged. This will not be 100% effective in being s solution of speed of service over quality. It does help solve one of the bigger items that adds to the overall issue though. Lastly the technology utilization of Crew Carwash has started to negatively effect the company. In the past Crew could get by without investing much into technology and IT because the wash process for them and the industry was not reliant on much technology. Slowly over the last 10 years technology has become increasingly more important for Crew. For Crew to overcome this hurdle they will need to overhaul the IT department staff. The IT staff is only 4 people including the CIO. This is not enough to help with technology that fails, needs updated, needs troubleshot, needs worked on in the field, …show more content…
To help combat all the technological issues that plague Crew Carwash they must double their staff to at least 8 people. This will help in different ways. First it will reduce the amount of time it takes to get through to the IT helpdesk because there will be more employees standing by on the phone to help solve issues at the location. There will be more than one designated field tech so they will be able to solve more in field issues quicker. This will also allow the IT department to work on system maintenance and updates more often as there will be more downtime and more people to work on these tasks. Overall the IT department is under staffed and cannot keep up with the growing demands of the locations. If Crew and its 20 locations wants to achieve their goal of having 60 locations by 2025, they will need to beef up the IT

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