Lewin's Force Field Analysis: Diagnosing What Needs To Be Changed

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Diagnosing What Needs to Be Changed
After identifying the need for change, it is important to consider the different factors that affect the change process. It is also important to look at what factors drive the change process forward and what factors resist the change. Lewin’s force field analysis provides a method for evaluating these driving forces and resisting forces (Lindauer, 2015). This method identifies these driving forces and resisting forces and helps leaders develop methods for encouraging and promoting the driving forces while minimizing or reducing the resisting forces to change initiatives.
The MSPAC identified the need for change nearly a decade ago. The tragic crash of Trooper 2 in 2008 resulting in four fatalities further
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Some of these factors have been in place since the beginning of the change initiative, and others have developed that are preventing the most efficient, forward movement of the organization. Financial factors present one of the greatest hurdles to the ongoing change process. The state of Maryland procured the ten new aircraft and associated equipment for over $128 million (Vaccaro, 2015). However, the overall operating costs continue to rise through operation of the new aircraft. This present a significant challenge to the organization. Moving forward, the MSPAC leadership must operate in the most operationally efficient and cost effective manner. Sometimes these two factors will align well, but other times difficult choices will need to be made to provide the highest balance of service and cost. A further resisting force is present in the lack of morale and the current “status quo” mentality in the organization. Change is difficult in any organization, but especially in tradition-steeped agencies like the state police. The decreased morale also makes it less likely for personnel to embrace change, especially if they do not understand the vision of the organization. The mission for the MSPAC is fairly clear to all personnel, but the future vision is extremely blurry to most line

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