Essay on Creativity Is The Capacity Of The Human Being 's Imagination

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Creativity for me is the capacity of the human being’s imagination that is able to regenerate different concepts and ideas using thoughts, enthusiasm and our inner curiosity to come up with images and ideas that can be brought to live. Having an open mind with a lot of curiosity can help the mind analyze one’s passed experiences as well as current experiences forming and creating originality coming up with new ideas that creates creativity. Not only does creativity use past and present ideas it also gathers information that one may have encountered once in their life that may or may have not had too much importance at that time that may serve a purpose in thinking which will create new ideas with originality making one creative. Not everyone is creative. Some are more than others and some not as much. Even though not everyone is creative I do believe that one can learn to be creative using the mind and ideas and really think about possibilities where they can do or turn something into something more than just the ordinary. Not everyone is creative; I believe that one can learn to be creative by learning how they see and create things and ideas in their mind. It is important to be open-minded when it comes to creativity. If one sees things as it is and not see more to things can be a problem in developing ideas. For example, if one sees or hears something and is closed-minded about it there is no chance for your mind to grow or sees things differently. The curiosity and…

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