Creative Writing: Who Killed My Father

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My uncle, the brother of my father. He's the person that murdered my mother and brother. "Hello, uncle." "Hi, Anna. How are you? He helped my mom and dad pick out that name. How dare he say it now. "Why did you come here?" He asks me. "I wanted to know who murdered my family." I tell him "Well murdered is such a nasty word, more like took away your family. Or what's left of it." He tells me. "Oh, SHUT UP, you you BASTARD!!!! I hear Alice scream at him. "Alice it's okay." I tell her calmly. "No it's not, okay. What wrong with you!!" She ask “You are weak Anna. You’re insane, insanely helpless.” My uncle says with digust in his voice “I am strong. You are the one that's weak, by killing my mother and brother who were innocent, and helpless. Was there even a reason, or did you not need one." He opens his mouth to answer me, but doesn't seem to have one. I lean my face close to his and whisper "I'm going to kill your entire family and everybody you love, and let you watch them die. Then years later I'm going to come see you and, kill you myself uncle." “You don’t have it in you little girl.” He says with doubt in his voice. “Don’t call me little girl, I haven’t been a little girl since I lost my father and sister. But you know that. Now you have taken my mother and brother there’s nothing left to hurt me with. You also know I have darkness inside of me, darkness I’ve had in me since I was born and now you have awakened …show more content…
The whole time she’s telling the story they all keep looking at me with worried expressions. “OMG!! I’m fine, I’m not going to kill myself or anything.” “We’re just worried about you, thats all.” “Well theres no need to worry about me. I’m going for a walk I’ll be back by dinner, in a few hours.” “Anna do you want me to come with you?” “NO. I’m not a broken doll, that needs fixing.” “Ok.” Is all they say back to me. “I’m going to go change.” I put on a cute and tight blue mini

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