Creating A Self Inspired Business Essay

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Walking around town and admiring all of the small businesses it is difficult to see how much an impact on it has on us, but this is how.

In running a business it is no easy task. It first all starts off with a passion that leads to an idea and continues to an eventually successful business. When a business starts it is called a small business, which plays an enormous part in states and the country.

A Fashion designer and business owner Sohaib Iqbal said, “I should follow what I like doing in life. Instead of living life working a job that I don’t have must interest in.”

This is what small businesses is about people doing something that brings pleasure and benefits to everyone. In creating a self-inspired business has helped the economy grow in the state of Georgia by creating employment, helping economic growth, and combining social media together.

A total amount of 962,085 privately owned businesses were reported in Georgia in 2015 according to SBA (Small Business Association). These enormous amount of businesses brought economic and employment growth to the state.

Out of those small businesses 797,404 are self-employed. This was an increase of 1.4 percent in 2013 compared to years before. Even though the majority of the small firms are self employed the other small businesses helped employ a significant amount of workers.

The amount of small businesses that have employees in Georgia is 164,681, which makes up 97.7 percent of the states employers. This number is…

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