Essay about Creating A Online Learning Environment

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Everyone learns in different ways. In order to succeed in an online learning environment, you need to step away from previous learning habits. You need to think outside of the box as far as school is concerned, and actively seek out the resources you may need. This is on-par with what I had expected of online learning. I have always been more open-minded when it comes to learning, so my views on the subject have not really changed. Being that everyone learns different things in different ways, I feel that it is an individual responsibility for the student to study the material in a way that they can comprehend and retain for future use. It is important for a person to understand how they learn things. I have always been a “hands-on” learner, regardless of the subject being taught. This reflected in my Learning Patterns Assessment, with Technical Reasoning being my most dominant skill with a scale score of 30. I use Technical Reasoning to help me understand the causes and effects of how a problem came to be. My only other Use First skill is Precision with a scale score of 27. I use this skill closely with my Technical Reasoning to check on my theories and ideas about the problems I face. I need to be accurate in my diagnosis of a problem, and I also need to be correct when I go about fixing the deficiency. Confluent has a score of 23 for me. The five indicators given for Confluence I use occasionally. In my job it is important to follow the rules, primarily for safety…

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