My Learning Style

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Where do you prefer to study – In a classroom, restaurant, bedroom, car, library, bathroom? How do you learn best? Do you prefer listening to lectures, looking at pictures, or reading books? Did you know that everyone has a preferred learning style which helps people understand information, and knowing your style is essential in discovering academic success? You will see how I can succeed academically by modifying study behavior to accommodate my three dominant learning styles.

Most learning style assessments feature three or four possible learning styles, which are auditory, tactile, visual, and written styles. Like me, many people have more than one dominant style. VARK explains that aural learners relate well to spoken material such as
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After taking multiple tests, I discovered that I am predominantly a visual learner, followed by aural and written. PHEAA, which assesses three possible styles, scored me at 45% visual, 40% auditory, and 15% tactile. At “about education,” Grace Fleming said I am “a very visual learner.” She correctly predicted that I often use visual language like “I see” and also take great notes (Fleming). On a test with four parameters, I scored a ten in aural learning, nine in written, eight in visual, and eight in kinesthetic (VARK). Some assessments use more elaborate definitions to describe learning styles. North Carolina State University sponsored a test with uniquely elaborate parameters for determining learning style. The scales were based on four dimensions ranging from one to eleven: active and reflective, sensing and intuitive, visual and verbal, global and sequential (Solomon and Felder). If individuals were learning for the first time how to change oil in a Honda Civic, for example, this study would show that visual learners would first consult pictures, engine diagrams, and charts for explanation, while verbal learners would search Youtube to find a video explaining the process. Active learners might commence …show more content…
So the next time I am sitting in the extended cab of my friend 's pickup truck during the excruciating eighty-minute drive to South Carolina for jiu-jitsu training, I can simply browse the notes I have taken in English class to prepare me for testing. This strategy will ensure learning success despite my busy lifestyle.

Furthermore, VARK explained that as a “multimodal” learner, I need to implement various learning styles to fully grasp material. With this approach, I can incorporate methods of both visual and aural styles to learn how to graph the coordinates of a slope in algebra by consulting the examples and illustrations in my book, as well as videos verbally explaining how the process is done.

These examples illustrate the clear benefits of understanding one 's learning styles. Knowing our learning styles explain why we might tell our parents what we learned in school, or doodle graphs of stock market fluctuations during economics class, or even build clay models of the human brain in psychology class. So the next time you step out of a warm shower and begin drawing with your index finger mathematical functions on the foggy mirror, you 'll know

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