Learning Patterns: A Class Analysis

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I would explain learning to someone who has not taken this class, as taking new information in and applying it to the world around you. I would tell them to learn the way they learn best, whether it is reading information or being hands on with an activity that teaches you the information. Once you have the information you can connect and understand the information and apply it to your work and assignments. Everyone learns different and you have to find how you learn in order to become a critical learner. This class has changed my views of learning by me thinking learning was just taking in new information and applying it to my assignments, but this class has showed me that learning is much more than that. There are many aspects of learning and in order to learn you have to know how you learn. Then once you understand how you learn, you can begin to think critically about your learning and become a critical reader and writer. Knowing your learning patterns will allow you to be able to communicate with others on how you learn and what you need as a learner. This class has also, showed me that I have to take in consideration of how others learn, and …show more content…
I use my learning patterns to complete readings, discussion, assignment and quizzes, buy using my sequence to make sure I know what is expected of me to do and my precision to keep my information organized, as well as take notes and make list of what I need to do. I have taken advantage of my learning strengths to become a more intentional learning by making sure I understand the assignment or what is being asked of me, and making sure I take the time to do my work with

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