Roles Of A School: Preparing Students For The Future

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It’s my belief that a school is a place where children are being prepared for the future. By teachers who challenge, stimulate, provoke and guide each student on an individual path. Students are taught academics and life skills, and learn best through their own experiences. Learning will be backed with allowing students to question topics and ask questions when in doubt and be supplied with extra help. Every school should be focused on preparing students for the future. This can be done in a multitude of ways. Some examples such as vocational programs in high schools are common ways to prepare for a future. Other ways to prepare students for the future is to teach them skills, such as how to think for themselves and to think critically. …show more content…
Students learn based on a multitude of reasons, the main one to consider is that a student learns based on his or her own experiences. Everyone has a different background and has different life experiences but also they have different education experiences. The teacher should provoke the students in a positive way to move past the past experiences and move forward to ensure that they have a chance at a promising future. The final role of the teacher and one of the most important to me is to guide. A teacher needs to be able to show the students what paths that student may have. He or she as a teacher needs to be able to guide the students through their education with the intent that the students at the end of their road as a student will be able to be a productive member of society and be well informed. Students should be guided by the teacher to interact with other people and work together through group projects to help stimulate a feeling of community. Also to challenge and guide the students group projects should be used to allow students to think for themselves and form ideas of their own while working with others. The teacher should try to show students values that all Americans should know but also not trying to force anything on to the students. This will allow the students to learn academics and life skills such as working in a society and

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