The Importance Of Funds Of Knowledge

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The funds of knowledge are an asset that teachers can use to expand the knowledge of the student they have. According to funds of knowledge for scholars “Funds of knowledge is a familiar phase to almost any teacher of culturally and/ or linguistic diverse students” (David, pg.3). This statement is a powerful one since teacher and students share their knowledge through their culture and diversity variety. A teacher when is only in the classroom environment only he or she does not learn as much from students as when home visits are made. Home visits should not be only made when students are not behaving in class or have issues.
As a result, school districts should encourage teacher home visits with the intent that the teacher goes with an
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Parents have taught their children much useful information such as values, ethics (differentiation between right and wrong), social behaviors, etc. Children have learned from the parents’ ideas and concepts that they can be share at the school level making associations to the curriculum covered in the classroom. On the other side of the spectrum, a teacher is like the second parent of children, teaching him or her at the school every day of class. The teacher should connect the knowledge that the student has to the curriculum. Consequently, the teacher could do this by creating an in class activity to find out the knowledge that the student has on the topic or subject. As a result, the student would be more engaged reaffirming his or her previous comprehension making easier to add new information that would make sense.
Moreover, as stated in the reflection of teacher Cathy from the Funds of knowledge of teaching a learning module was created called candy. She said “to focus student’s thinking, I had to free associate with the topic. I record their ideas in a large piece of white paper on the board.” ( Amanti, p.138). This shows that in classrooms activities and teacher lesson plans can be created with the student knowledge of any subject it is up to the teacher to talk about their students experiences outside the classroom and find ways
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The purpose of the project should be clear and concise connecting the focus the group objectives directly to the project. It is imperative that a learning environment is foster in which participants feel comfortable to speak out about their personal experiences through their observations. Nevertheless, interviewees may cancel the schedule interview when this challenge happens let him or she know that the interview can be reschedule and their participation will be

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