Business Analysis: Personal Goals For The Course

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1. The following are two or three personal goals for the course/semester. Why?
• To learn the techniques and procedures of Business Analysis.
• To learn how to communicate effectively and make sure my objective is clear to my colleagues and practitioners.
• As a software QA engineer in my first organization, I had the opportunity to deal with clients and take their requirements and do documentation. In my second company I was purely into writing test cases by referring the Business requirement document which made me to get into Business Analysis. In order to know all the techniques and to translate client’s requirement into technical specification, Business Analysis course is needed for me. By getting International education in the
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These kinds of in-class activities, assignments and test/evaluation strategies will be relatively easy for me.
In-class activities includes participating of all students, allows everybody to learn the focus on ideas and key concepts. There is high sharing of knowledge whenever a student asks clarification and clears them with the faculty. This helps us to gain information of the concepts which is more than what the faculty delivers.
Assignments motivates me to understand the information shared in class to reproduce my understanding in terms of document or presentation. Also through assignments, it gives me opportunity to research the topics given to me, shrink the information gathered and present them according to the scope of the topic. This gives me value for what I have researched. Tests and evaluations will allow me to recollect the knowledge and make use of it during professional life through the extra effort of
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These kinds of in-class activities, assignments and test/evaluation strategies may be challenging for me.
In-class activities in a different country is a challenge for me as there is a change in the communication speed, vocabulary compared to my country. I believe Students association center will help me overcome this challenge and succeed.
Assignments and test/evaluation may be challenging only when expectation are not clear in my mind and doesn’t make use of the facilities given by the college.

5. My definition of success is…? This is based on experiences that

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