Teaching Styles In The Classroom

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All teachers have a different philosophy of what education should be. This influences the way their classroom is set up and run which consequently influences the how the students learn. Personally I believe that classrooms should not just be run with the students in rows of desks with the teacher standing in the front of the room talking. I believe that classrooms should incorporate different teaching styles to try to incorporate as many different learning styles as possible so all students have a chance to excel.
Many classrooms today are run with the students in rows listening to the teacher. This setup may work well for some students, but for others they just aren 't going to be able to really understand the material when it is presented in that way. This is because every student is intelligent in a different way so they all learn best with different styles. In Howard Gardner 's theory of multiple intelligences he says that there are nine distinct intelligences. They are Visual-Spatial,
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Teachers should also know what they are teaching well, be able to create a good teacher student relationships, and be able to engage the class in whatever they are learning about. Without these qualities a teacher would not be very good. If a teacher was unable to do these things it would not only be a lot harder for students to succeed in the class but it would make it harder for the teacher as well. For example if a teacher was unable to engage the class in the subject then the class would not do well because they are uninterested. This could frustrate the teacher and it begins a cycle of frustration and confusion for the whole class. Of course students aren 't going to be interested in everything that the class is learning all the time, but if a teacher is able to keep the class motivated to try their best on every activity then the class and the teacher will be able to do great

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