Creating A Moral Business Platform Essay

1096 Words Nov 18th, 2016 5 Pages
Creating a moral business platform will help me to remain focused on my personal goals and objectives. This platform is a unique, but is an effective tool to help me reflect on my life. This self-authoring technique is a valuable way to identify and solidify my goals, while identifying areas that need improvement. This personal development exercise prompted me to examine my values and uncover my mission and purpose in life. The moral business platform provided me a vision to help me reshape my focus on personal and professional growth.
My core values are a direct result of my environment: family, friends, and/or life experiences. These core values are deeply rooted beliefs that act as my moral compass. These values help other identify my unique contribution to their lives, while helping me decipher between right and wrong. This reexamination will uncover areas that need improvement, areas that shine, and help me identify the necessary tools to help me become a better person, holistically.
My professional development is equally as important as my personal development. This tool can be used as a direct outline to remind myself of what is important to me. In addition, this tool will remind me to be mindful of my treatment of others, which in turn can build lasting relationships on a professional and personal level.
In conclusion, I am uncertain how my leadership journey will unfold, because I will always be a work in process. Although, this is an…

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