Creating A Class With Creativity Essay

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First and for most, I want to say that the hard work you put into our education system is really appreciated. On that note, there’s something that should be discussed and have attention brought to it. This prevailing topic that has filled society with buzzing questions and concerns has really made an outbreak, the creation of a class with creativity as its curriculum is beginning to pop up in the minds of the board across the nation. Known as the “Creativity Crisis” this phenomenon has really called the attention of many because creativity is being tested now and the results aren’t really pleasing due to the fact that our youth’s creativity has shown a decline. With that being said, I do believe that our schools are lacking the opportunity for students to fully show what they’re capable of. In order to fix this problem I’d like to share why we need to enhance creativity through the creation of a class that sets creativity as it’s priority.

Through the years, various people have been recognized because of their creativity and the products that come from it. Whether it’s a new game, a new song, or a new form of art these talented individuals use their creative minds to come up with something new and unique. That’s how you can define creativity, as something new and unique. Creativity can be interpreted in many ways because no two people think exactly alike. Everyone imagines, acts, and sees things differently from one another. Take a look at John Bamblitt’s…

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