Create A Mental Meter To Measure And Control Your Temper

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Create a mental meter to measure and control your temper: How not to lose your temper even when pushed to the edge As an adult, you certainly know what it’s like to argue with somebody and then both of you are yelling at the same time. You end up solving nothing; because you both want to be right, but yet you can’t hear each other since you are both speaking and yelling at the same time. Most of the time, people end up regretting putting themselves in such childish situation, later on. Well, at least going through it once in a lifetime teaches us one thing: Communication is well done when it’s done in a smooth manner, and it is effective only when both parties exchange their views successfully. It is good to have this notion …show more content…
Some people say that children inherit our nervousness, and that the way we behave is contagious to them, well, it’s about time you took over the right way, and establish good habits of avoiding confrontation when you speak to your kids; they will learn more and have a second try to readjust their behavior and remember it is your job to teach them right.
Before moving on to the next section, do the following exercise.
Draw or visualize a pressure meter. The pressure should be measured from 0 to 10. Starting from level 0, raise your breathing from slow to fast as you move to 0, 1, 2, 3 and finally 10.
0 should be when everything is normal and you are not worried about anything. As you reach five (5), this is when you reach your “point of reason”, and where you are able to make sense through communication. In a sense 5, indicates your ability to be calm enough to say the right thing and stimulate at the same time the right amount of enthusiasm and respect from your interlocutor. So when you reach level 5, your breathing should be moderate. As you increase to levels 6, 7,8 and 10,breath faster, as this would mean that you are losing control of the situation and not sending any good “vibes” or

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