The Education Of Little Tree Reflection

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The Education of Little Tree by Forrest Carter
Reflection #1 p. 1-113 ( Beginning of text through a dangerous adventure)
Answer these questions (Just copy the questions onto a word document and insert your answers as you read, should take 2-3 pages double spaced, 12 pt times new roman font, 1 inch margins)

The Way
 Grandpa talks twice about “the Way”- once in regards to hunting and once in regards to honeybees. What are the principles involved in “the Way” and what happens to people (both hunters and hoarders) who do not follow the rules of “the Way”?
The principles in The Way involve the natural selection process, in which the weak ones have a hard time surviving in the world, and eventually those with such weak characteristics
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However, I can think of some people, who would get so deep in using drugs and committing crimes that they lost their compassion and morality.
Grandpa’s Trade
 What lessons did Grandpa teach Little Tree about working?
Grandpa teach Little Tree that it is important to have a trade, and that one should not judge an entire trade only by the people that we know engage it in, who could be doing it improperly.
 Who has passed on such lessons to you?
I think my parents passed on similar lessons to me. They taught me that education is very important in order to find a career that I love in the future. In addition, they taught me not to judge a job by the one or two people that makes it look bad. For example, I should not judge that all politicians are corrupted and untrustworthy because of the few politicians that turned out to be that way.
Trading with a Christian
GRANDPA asks LITTLE TREE what lesson he learned and LITTLE TREE thinks he is supposed to learn not to trade with Christians- GRANDPA and GRANDMA laugh. Sometimes we learn different lessons than were intended.
 What lesson did you have to experience in order to learn it?
I almost drowned in the pool one time, and I learned that you should not go into the deeper part of the water if you do not know how to

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