In The Guide To Applying The Ladder Of Inference Tools Case Study

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Week 7 written assignment –Critical thinking and disputes
Recently there was an argument with between a friend and his sister. The sister wanted to go to school but the brother was against it, believing that school was being used as a reason to get out of the house, be with friends whilst ignoring her obligations in the household.
The debate became heated and the brother begrudgingly let the sister go. He stayed behind and did the chores in a sour mood, believing that he had been duped, thus his whole day was ruined.
Having witnessed this incident, I thought it would be a great case study in understanding the effectiveness and application of the Ladder of Inference Tool.
The emotional state during a dispute can not only influence the outcome
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Thos rings true when disputes are involved. In the guide to applying the Ladder of Inference Tool, one of the first steps suggested is “stop and consider your reasoning”. What my friend could do id to analyze why does he have the current preconception and what are they based on?
This would mean analyzing whether conclusions has=d been drawn or the decision was still being made. What information was being used and processed i.e. the facts that were being presented (there were pressing issues that needed her attention at school) or history (school being used as a reason to avoid work). Once this had been established, it would then act as a guide in the process and actions taken.
A major component in this process would have been to determine where he was in this process (Reality and Facts, Selected Reality, Interpreted Reality, Assumptions, Conclusions, Beliefs and Actions). Once he have located your place, He would then have had to work backwards asking a few questions along the way for example; was he using his perceived reality (someone being taken advantage of) or present data (sister needed help in order to achieve her goals) to make the

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