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GE117 Composition I | A 4 credit hour Composition course
This course covers phases of the writing process, with special emphasis on the structure of writing and techniques for writing clearly, precisely and persuasively. Prerequisite or Corequisite: TB133 Strategies for the Technical Professional or equivalent GE127 College Mathematics I | A 4 credit hour Mathematics course
This course will include, but is not limited to, the following concepts: quadratic, polynomial and radical equations, linear functions and their graphs, systems of linear equations, functions and their properties and triangles and trigonometric functions. Activities will include solving problems and using appropriate technological tools. Prerequisite: GE184
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It is the study of choices made by households, firms, and government and how these choices impact the market economy. Prerequisites: GE117 Composition I or equivalent, GE127 College Mathematics I or equivalent GE347 Group Dynamics | A 4 credit hour Social Science course
In this course, students examine elements of successful teams and small decision-making groups. Emphasis is on communication, critical thinking and group process techniques.Prerequisite: GE117 Composition I or equivalent IT103 Operating Systems | 4 credit hours

IT104 Introduction to Computer Programming | 4 credit hours
This course serves as a foundation for understanding the logical function and process of computer programming in a given language environment. Basic computer programming knowledge and skills in logic and syntax will be covered. Coding convention and procedures will be discussed relevant to the given programming language environment. Prerequisite: TB143 Introduction to Personal Computers or equivalent IT109 Microsoft Desktop Operating System | 4 credit hours
This course introduces general knowledge and skills required in installation, configuration and management of popular Microsoft operating system(s) for standalone and network client computers. Prerequisite: TB143 Introduction to Personal Computers or equivalent

IT203 Database Development | 4 credit hours
This course introduces relational database concepts

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