Couple 's Demographics : Children With Autism Essay

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Couple’s Demographics

I was fortunate enough to meet Lynn through a close friend of mine. Close to two years ago, Jennifer called asking for my help. Her cousin Lynn had a child recently diagnosed with Autism and was looking for someone to connect with. I agreed to meet Lynn for coffee and we instantly hit it off, not just because we are both mothers of children with Autism, but we seemed to have similar personalities, values, and would go to the ends of the earth for our families.
Throughout the past few years, I have come to know a few details about Lynn’s personal life. She has been married to her husband, Rodney, for 10 years. Rodney works as a car salesman for an Audi dealership and Lynn is currently a stay at home mom to their daughter, Rylie, and son, Jayden, who are twin 8-year old’s. This was Lynn’s second marriage and Rodney’s first. Lynn does have a son, Evan 22, from her previous marriage who now lives in Florida and visits his family when he can.
I was surprised to learn earlier on that Lynn, 45, is actually10 years older than Rodney. And while age may be a factor for some, it is not an issue in this relationship. Lynne and Rodney met at a friend’s house during a Super Bowl party, even though both of them are, admittedly, not football fans. Rodney said he was instantly attracted to Lynn’s beauty and personality and although he was still fairly young, he was ready to settle down. Especially, if it was with Lynn. After a year of dating, Rodney proposed with…

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