Scapegoat Analysis

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When I was younger my mother once told me of a biblical story in which a town would come together in order to purge themselves of sin. They would gather up a lone goat and hurl rocks and spew profanities, in many ways harming it within an inch of its life as it bled out upon the earth. They would then open the gates of the town and let the goat run away and carry all of their sins, transgressions, and their insecurities out into the wilderness in where the goat, along with all their sin, would perish. This in turn purged the town and cleansed them of their ways until it was time again to rid themselves of their wickedness. Now, as a young child I was appalled by such a story and such horrible people who could inflict pain upon an innocent being …show more content…
This has not proven itself to be true, and as it has done many times before America finds another scapegoat. In this case I will speak on the long history of Blacks in America and the unjustified vilification of an entire group in order to sidestep the transgressions of a nation’s past. Black Americans are often portrayed in a light of criminal activity and gang association, as well as many other stereotypes that this racial group has been subjected to in an effort to justify the oppression of millions. It is nothing new, with the masses of the past coming together in order to condone slavery, to the many today who think a black man’s place is to be seen in a recording studio, basketball court, or behind bars. Many groups in modern television shows are portrayed with class and witty banter, while many programs portraying Black American culture portray sloppy dialog as well as perpetuate unjust stereotypes. Any news media outlet can be turned on and the odds of a Black American being brought to justice for crimes those within the white community would get a slap on the wrist for are being broadcast on a daily basis. If a man of color commits a crime he is a criminal, his race on trial for the transgressions of one. In many cases the same media outlets will portray a man of more pale pallor as mentally unstable, a product of a broken home, broken system, and

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