Personal Narrative: The Melting Pot Of The World

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When I was younger my mother once told me of a biblical story in which a town would come together in order to purge themselves of sin. They would gather up a lone goat and hurl rocks and spew profanities, in many ways harming it within an inch of its life as it bled out upon the earth. They would then open the gates of the town and let the goat run away and carry all of their sins, transgressions, and their insecurities out into the wilderness in where the goat, along with all their sin, would perish. This in turn purged the town and cleansed them of their ways until it was time again to rid themselves of their wickedness. Now, as a young child I was appalled by such a story and such horrible people who could inflict pain upon an innocent being …show more content…
A melting pot of the world is what by parents proudly told me was the land I could call my own. But was it really? Was the Sunday school story of the scapegoat really that farfetched? In the era of media coverage I have learned one thing, that if this story was true, as a society, we actually haven’t learned one thing. I could cover the plight of the misrepresented and poorly presented from almost every minority group America has to offer, but here we will speak of two. I will start in order of who was first, the Native Americans. Since the beginning of exploration to our continent the Native Americans have suffered at the hands of unjust stereotypes and media portrayal. From stories of how the west was won, with its heroic cowboys and bloodthirsty savages, to the pamphlets and spread rumors and justifications to slaughter and eliminate a “Godless” threat. Native Americans have been subjected to harsh stereotypes in order for a few to justify what can only be deemed as greed and extortion. We can see the perpetuation of such stereotypes still in effect today with hurtful portrayals of Native Americans in cartoons, books, and sports mascots. This justification of subjugation ultimately leading to the deterioration of Native American culture. A loss that many may not realize affects everyone in this country and takes away from what made this land great to begin

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