County Curriculum And Instruction Project Essay

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Northampton County Curriculum and Instruction Project
LEED 7429

Northampton County Schools needs to improve all scores, but our students lag behind in reading the most. Northampton County Schools had been using different intervention strategies but none were showing significant signs of progress. (2b6) The C&I team, Principals, School Board and Superintendent felt that they needed a more comprehensive program (personal interview Dr. Woofter) Expeditionary Learning Program (ELP) seemed to be the best suited research based program to deal with our students and their reading deficiencies. (2a6) My project will examine if there is a correlation between teachers implementing the program correctly and improved student test scores (2b5), 2b6). This will help in determining what steps need to be taken to improve the program.
Northampton County Schools has been using Expeditionary learning for one year at a cost of $147,000, sans the cost of professional development. It is being implemented across our 3rd - 8th grades and a portion is being used in our 9th grade class. I will look for a correlation between teachers that implement the expeditionary learning program with fidelity and ones that do not. I expect to see higher test scores for students with teachers that are using the expeditionary learning program with fidelity. I will use student data to test this theory and observational data to confirm my findings. It will take time to implement and train staff on new curriculum,…

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