Country Music Superstar: Garth Brooks

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I. Country Music Superstar Troyal Garth Brooks better known as Garth Brooks. Has an interesting story in the music industry, starting at a young age Garth sang to perform and always had to be the center of attention. Garth has a huge love for family and friends; the music was just a voice. Nemours albums and music awards made Brooks the king of country music. Who was Garth behind the mic, besides a performer? Looking in his past, present, and future where Garth unleashes stories of childhood, love life, and future goals.
II. On February 7, 1962 in Tulsa Oklahoma Colleen and Troyal Brooks became parents to a soon to be music star of the century, Garth Brooks. Graduating from Yukon High School In 1980 with a track Scholarship for Javelin with
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October 26, 2000 Garth retires to be a “dad who occasionally sings,” he thought this would help his marriage, and his relationahip with his 3 girls. Garth did not announce his retirement till 2001 when he finished his last album, “Scarecrow.” Later that year Sandy and Garth got a divorce on December 17th. There never was a valid reason why they got a divorce, but Garth soon found a new smile to find his eyes to wonder to: Trisha Yearwood. Being friends since 87’ they had a lifelong friendship and in 2005 Trisha and Garth got married and raised his three little girls to be beautiful young women. Garths career was full of fame and fortune, with over 21 awards and 6 of them being Academy of Country Music Awards helped him flourish in the industry. With 19 number 1 hits in country music, Garth sold more than 100 million albums in his career. In 2011 he not only went back to Oklahoma State for his Masters in Business administrating, but also became a song writer in the Hall of Fame, one year later he became a member of the Country Music Hall Of Fame. Garth had the opportunity to do many things in his life. Garth sang the Nation Anathema at the super bowl in 1993 and played in the movie “Unanswered Prayers’. Besides a Star Garth had a heart for people who needed love. In 1999 he formed a foundation called “Touch ‘em All” Teammates for kids”: that still to this day helps the ones in need. Taking a step passed that Garth offered his liver to a young lady but failed to be a match. Garth is a loving husband, father, song writer, and grandfather. Yes, Garths a grandpa to a little girl named Karalynn, August’s daughter. Garth is pound of who he is, and cannot wait to see what the rest of his life holds. In the arms of loved

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