Kelsey Conklin Biography

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Kelsey Conklin was born August 10th, 1990 in White Salmon, Washington. She was raised by her biological mother and father, Joe and Kathy Torrey. Joe worked in construction while her mother worked at Wal-mart, but the couple is now retired. While Joe was working construction, he was often out of town on projects. Consequently, most of her memories that include her father are when they would take vacations in their new motor home to places like Bear Lake, Newport and the seaside. Her mother was also on these trips and in addition, Kelsey remembers fondly when her mom would take her out to lunch, just the two of them. Which was all the more special since Kelsey grew up as the second to youngest of seven siblings. Since they were spread …show more content…
As children they got along well, but as a teen they started to drift apart because he raised himself and had different values and priorities than Kelsey. He lives in Pennsylvania and they talk often, but do not visit because of the distance. Kelsey values hard work, education, determination and honesty. She is a cheerful, caring person who enjoys laughing and working hard to accomplish goals. In children, she values independence and joy in life. Providing quality family time together is one of her goals as a parent. Professionally, one of her goals is to finish professional certification and national boards within the next five years.

In regards to her childhood, she “knew who I was” and had a really experience. Her parents were involved and supportive. Those experiences have helped her in raising children and valuing her family now.

At 18 months old one of Sheila Vermire’s relatives terminated parental rights, Sheila adopted their child and is still the guardian after 13
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During his early childhood he was raised by his mother and father, Julie and Raymond (Rusty) Howard. Ray has very few memories of any family activities since his mom and dad worked opposite shifts. However, he does remember spending time hunting and fishing with his father. Rusty is a grumpy, old person who was good to be around until you started voicing your own opinions as described by Ray. Julie and Ray never really had a close relationship, but he considers her a good woman. From the time Ray was eleven or twelve he began to have different views on what family should be versus what he was experiencing at home. He did not believe in the life choices that his parents and siblings were making involving drugs and their negativity. In order to avoid those behaviors, he spent most of his time outside of the house, involved in sports or at friends’ homes, returning to his house only to sleep. At age 16 his friend Josh’s parents invited him to live with them and shortly thereafter, he began working in addition to attending school in order to gain independence and pay rent. Unfortunately, Josh’s father passed away in a motorcycle accident in 2006, but Ray still remains in contact with Josh’s mother via Facebook. Ray does not have any contact with his biological

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