Counselling Interview Skills Ass. 1 Essay

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1 | Three key components involved in the communication process are context, participants and rules. | | Context:All communication takes place within context. It is recognized that there are four major factors influencing context. 1) Physical – where is the communication occurring ie. What location 2) Social-psychological – what rules are applicable to this encounter? Different rules exist for workplace, home, friends and/or acquaintances 3) Temporal – timing; is now the best time to raise or discuss an issue or concern? 4) Cultural; different cultures
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You must learn to set aside other thoughts and concerns not relevant to the specific meeting and tend to these later when your appointment is completed. It is also good practice not to raise new issues as your appointment time draws to an end as your client may not feel they have the time to devote and adequately explore fresh ideas. | 5 | It’s important for a successful practice that its counselors have well developed communication techniques or micro skills to ensure quality service for all clients. Two basic micro skills are listening and questioning. Listening and questioning work in collaboration and on their own toward developing an effective relationship between counselor and client. | | Listening:Is more than “hearing” what is said. Egan (2007) suggests that there are there (3) considerations to be taken into account when listening effectively. 1) Not only listen but understand the message the client is trying to portray both verbally and non-verbally; 2) Not only listen but understand the context of the message and how it relates to the client’s life; and 3) Listen and decipher the client’s perspective, are there gaps or distortions which may need to be further investigated and followed up. | |

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