Counseling : The Emotional Side Of Learning A New Language Essay

1099 Words Oct 13th, 2015 5 Pages
I believe that counseling is such an underused and misunderstand field when it comes to students and adults. Counseling is a large field that with commitment, time and effort, I believe that most if not all problems can be worked out. With a counseling perspective on ELL students over all mental health, we can tackle the emotional side of learning a new language. ELL students are faced with a host of problems, for anxiety, discrimination, exploitation, rejection, depression, and many, many other issues. My big question is who is counseling the ELL students? As a school counselor I have to ensure that the students needs specially the needs of ELL students are being met. It is not only my job to help the students process their feelings it is my job to ensure that they are being properly taken care of, by the teachers, staff, students, and their parents.

My main goal is to ensure that I am meeting all the needs of my students. I want to make myself avabile to help get extra recoucrs, get tutoring, give counseling and even provide family support. I know that earing a new language is so very hard. I’ve personally struggled with learning Spanish for about 6 years. I how depressing it is not know something or to feel inadequate because I could catch on fast enough. I want to make sure that the students have a positive outlet to vent and process their feelings. Althout their maybe a langue barrier, I still want to allow them that time. I will take it upon my self to do what I…

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