Counseling Reflective Report

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My beliefs and thoughts about the practice of counseling have been strengthened in many ways. During my undergraduate experience, some instructors told me that I could not pick an eclectic approach or tell people that I am eclectic when I treat clients. I always assumed it was because each approach was so severally different that taking bits and pieces from each theoretical approach could make the process confusing. The most confusion would arise in choosing which of the client’s issues to target and how to go about working through those problems. I thought that there were so many useful concepts in each approach why only stick to one.
Through the quarter, I have noticed many similarities in the various approaches. Similarities between
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a. One of the biggest ethical issues that I will taking from this course is knowing when it is ok to break confidentiality. Through in class discussions there have been several examples of when counselors should have broken confidentiality but did not because they thought they did not have a legal obligation to break confidentiality. These discussions have shown me that I need to very aware of counseling ethics as well as the laws pertaining to the practice.
b. Consultation is hugely important for the counselor and the client. By consulting with the proper professionals, I can make better decisions for the sake of the client. Consultation also gives me chance to address things I need to work in
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I was surprised to learn that I do well with stress. I have plenty of outlets at my disposal to alleviate myself of stress such as; exercise breaks, cool socks, and socializing. My ability to provide self-care was surprisingly better than I thought it was going to be considering I am a full time graduate student with a part time job. I also found that I take advantage of my stress and use it a motivator or driving force to get my work done and excel in class. When the stress becomes overwhelming I resort to self-care “protocols” such as taking a break or exercising or doing something fun for a little bit. This stress management skill will come in handy as work with more and more clients and handle a larger workload in the next quarter. Counseling is a tough profession, it requires that I should be able to handle my stress and vent it in healthy ways and in that capacity; I think I will be able to do just

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