Counseling Psychology, A Health Care Provider And General Practice Of Professional Psychology

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Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychology is a health care provider and general practice of professional psychology. Counseling psychology main focus is on people’s function in all ages of the relationship and also in their personal life. This field of psychology addresses physical health concerns, social, work, and emotional problems that individuals can have in different stages of their life. Counseling psychology focuses on the stress is that people may have and also on other issues which can be more severe. A counseling psychologist’s main goal is to assist individuals with these issues and help an individual to resolve crisis. A counseling psychologists may also provide diagnosis, treatments, and assessments for more intense psychological symptoms.
The educational preparation and training required in counselling begins with at least a master’s degree. In the state of West Virginia, in order to work in the field of counselling psychology, the school in which a person obtained his/her degree must be either CACREP, NCATE, NCACS, SACS, or CORE accredited. In order to obtain either a provisional or full licensing a person needs at least 60 semester hours of course work at the graduate level. A person also needs anywhere from 1500 to 3000 of supervised experience working in the field of counselling in order to gain full licensure in the state of WV.
The society of counseling psychology supports psychology. This organization, “brings together psychologists, students,…

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