Essay on Cost of College

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ACT and SAT scores are in and life as high school teens are wrapping up. It’s time to prepare for the next big step in life. College the first time to get a true taste of want the world has to offer. The big thing that most young minds don’t see in there picture perfect world is that thin underlining. That underlining is the cost of college and how it waits until you finish to hit you where it hurts. I’m talking about your wallet and even your college savings. This leads me to the question of why is college tuition so high. Is attending college worth the price tag of tuition? If you didn’t already know then I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but spoiler alert you have to pay for college a year after you finish college. The price of …show more content…
And there's no question that that is a much higher percentage of median [family] incomes than it used to be." And yet, Baum says, somehow, families are paying for it. "And the reason people are paying for it is because the return to the investment is so high." No matter what a higher education costs them, most Americans think it will be worth it, she says. It was a different story 70 years ago, when most Americans thought college was only for the wealthy elite (Sanchez, C. (2014, March 05). Over the years college has become more and more needed in our society. Even so many people still find themselves asking the question. Is college worth the price, and will this education really benefit me when I’m done. For most Americans, educating their family will be the largest financial outlay, after their home mortgage, they'll ever make. And if parents can't or won't pay, young people often find themselves burdened with staggering loans. Graduating with six figures' worth of debt is becoming increasingly common. Engage all students. We believe all Americans can do college work, so universal enrollment should be our nation's goal. But for that to happen, professors must make an effort to reach their students and not, as former Secretary of Education William Bennett once said, "Teach their dissertation or next article." Paulson, A. (2012, June 6). Colleges should demand good teaching. They must become

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