Cosmetic Surgery Should Be Accepted For Three Reasons Essay example

1374 Words Nov 28th, 2014 null Page
Two hundred years ago, Joseph Carpue, an English surgeon, used a patient’s skin to reconstruct his own nose for an experiment. He couldn’t image that work will bring a billion dollar global industry nowadays. From 1997 to 2013, the total number of cosmetic procedures increased by 580 percent, surgical procedures increased by 100 percent increased and nonsurgical procedures increased by 1,187 percent (Goertzen and Snibee). As the increasing number of people, especially teenage girls and famous stars, take the cosmetic surgery, people have a hot debate if the public should accept cosmetic surgery. People supporting cosmetic surgery think it can bring people beauty, but some people argue that cosmetic surgery is of high risks like scars, deformation or death and expensive costs. However, cosmetic surgery should be accepted for three reasons. The reasons include that cosmetic surgery can correct the imperfection of people’s appearance, increase people’s attitude and improve people’s competitiveness. First, cosmetic surgery is a way to correct the imperfection of people’s appearance. To people who are born with frightening birthmarks, cosmetic surgery helps them to cover or repair the birthmarks. Scaring birthmarks make people different and abnormal, which may make people with birthmarks lead a miserable and lonely life. Cosmetic surgery may give them a chance to become normal. In addition, cosmetic surgery can also help the people who suffer from the accidents like fire, car…

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