Role Of Corruption In Mexico

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Mexico is a country that is known to have an abundance it natural resources such as petroleum, gold and timber. Likewise Mexico has a rich history that ranges from the Aztecs to the major influence that Spain and other European countries had on Mexico’s social and political culture.
Throughout Mexico’s existence, it has always suffered from political and economic instability due to corruption. For instance, the one party rule of the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) for 71 years has been an example of the political corruption in Mexico. Although Mexico has improved it’s political institutions in 2000 by electing Vincent Fox, who is not from the PRI and ousting the PRI majority from the Chamber of Deputies it still suffers from
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Drug cartels play a huge role because they threaten people in power by threatening to kill the individual or their family or to further their agenda. Likewise, “La mordida” does not only apply to police officers, but it applies to politicians, army officials, and individuals in power. Much of these bribes are from drug cartels. In Stephen
Morris scholarly article, “Corruption, Drug Trafficking, and Violence in Mexico.” Morris states that there is a connection between corruption and organized crime. He shines the light on the connection between corruption and crime when he states, “To reiterate, the prevailing patterns of corruption associated with drug trafficking and organized crime not only facilitate the illicit businesses of these organizations, but also effectively handicap official state efforts to control or contain them” (Morris 34). This shines the light that Mexico is a weak state because it is unable to stop the corruption of the police and politicians to prevent crime. In consequence, this leads to Mexico not having a strong rule of law and prosecution towards corruption.
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Therefore, corruption, organized crime, and violence
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According to Mexican Federal Government, the bus was stopped by local police. Then the local police turned over the students to the gang where the students were all killed. In addition, the federal government states that the local police kidnapped all 43 students because the Mayor of Iguala ordered them because they were going to protest the
Mayor’s spouse speech. Although that is the official report of the Mexican Federal Government, many people speculate the validity of the report. The Iguala mass kidnapping shines light to corruption in Mexico. It also illustrates how civil rights can be repressed because of opposing political agenda’s. Fast forward to the present day, and Enrique Pena Nieto is President. This is important because this is first time that the PRI has come back to power since losing the Chamber of
Deputies and the Presidency. In the academic journal, “Pena Nieto Declared President” by Tom
Hansen, Hansen speaks about how the corruption in Mexico allowed Pena Nieto and the PRI to regain power when he

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