Corporate Culture : The Organizational Performance Of A Company

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Corporate Culture
Corporate culture continues to receive a lot of attention in businesses all around the world due to its potential to affect the organizational performance of a company. There are multiple positive and negative aspects of corporate culture which can lead to the key to success of an organization. Thus, many organizations like McDonalds, have come to appreciate the influence corporate culture has on them.
Definition of Corporate Culture
Per (2002) the definition of corporate culture is “the philosophy, values, behavior, dress codes, etc., that together constitute the unique style of policies of a company”. In other words, it relates back to the beliefs and behaviors which determine how both management and employees handle their work within a company (Investopedia, 2012). Overtime corporate culture is implied rather than defined, and develops from traits from the employees that are hired over the years (Patrick, 2013).
Positive Aspects
There are multiple positive aspects of corporate culture which lays the foundations of a positive work culture. Without positive aspects, it would be harder for the company to have great business transactions (MAS, 2009). Each culture is different and has different factors that play a role in creating one. There are multiple components of great cultures. High staff quality and sense of values are important qualities to having a great corporate culture (Allen, 2013).
High Staff Quality
A company is unable to build…

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